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XNA Game Programming Adventures
XNA 4.0 Tutorials

I am in the process of moving my old XNA 3.x tutorials to use XNA 4.0. I have several different tutorials on game programming with XNA 3.x and hope to have them upgraded to XNA 4.0 soon. Be sure to book mark the pages you are interested in for easy access.

Beginner XNA 4.0 Tutorials

These tutorials are aimed at beginners to XNA game programming with a little understanding of C# and no experience with XNA. You can find the tutorials, and the projects, on the XNA 4.0 Beginner Tutorials page of my site.

XNA 4.0 RPG Tutorials

These tutorials are also about creating a role playing game with XNA. Since I initially started my tutorials I have learned a lot and hope to not make the mistakes I made earlier.
You can find the tutorials on the XNA 4.0 RPG Tutorials page of my site.

Good luck with your XNA game programming adventures.

Jamie McMahon

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