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XNA Game Programming Adventures
XNA 4.0 Beginner Tutorials

This page is for my XNA 4.0 Beginner Tutorials. On this page you will find the tutorials in PDF format as well as the project at the end of each tutorial..

If you find an error in a tutorial, have a request for future tutorials in the series, you can post them on my forum. If you are posting errors please give the class and region the error is in. This will make it much easier for me to find the problem.

Brick Breaking Game

Part 1 - Ball and Paddle
This first tutoiral is about getting the ball and paddle on the screen, updating and checking for collisions.
Part 1 - Ball and Paddle

Part 2 - Bricks
In this second tutorial I add in bricks to the game and explain some XNA and game programming concepts. This does not cover breaking bricks though. That will be in part 3.
Part 2 - Bricks

Part 3 - Brick Ball Collision
In this last tutorial in my Brick Breaking game I cover collision between the bricks and the ball. It also covers having the ball start in a random direction and the ball speeding up over time. This is the last tutorial in the brick breaking tutorial series.
Part 3 - Brick Ball Collision

Good luck with your XNA game programming adventures.

Jamie McMahon

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