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XNA Game Programming Adventures

Xin is my open source XNA input management library. There are versions of Xin for XNA 3.0 and XNA 3.1, for Windows and the Xbox 360. A partner is currently working on a version of Xin for both the Zune and the Zune HD. With the release of Visual Studio 2010 and the upcoming release of XNA 4.0 there will be a new release for XNA 4.0 as well.

You can use Xin to manage the input of all of your XNA games easily. I have found it very helpful in my projects. Since it is open source, under the GNU GPL, you are free to use Xin both for personal and commercial use. I would appreciate it if you had a link to my site on your web site and a credit in your game if you find Xin useful. You can also use the PayPal donation widget on my site to support Xin and future open source projects by me.

Using Xin in your games is simple. You add the appropriate Xin project to your solution. You then add a reference to any project in your solution that you want to use Xin in. You then add a using statement for the XInputManager namespace. The next step is to add an instance of the Xin game component to the list of game components. Since the methods and properties of Xin are static you reference them using the class name, Xin. You can read more about Xin and see how to use it in the Xin Documentation PDF.

Xin Downloads

Xin for Windows and XNA 3.0
Xin for Xbox 360 and XNA 3.0
Xin for Windows and XNA 3.1
Xin for Xbox 360 and XNA 3.1

Good luck with your XNA game programming adventures.

Jamie McMahon

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