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XNA GPA - News Page

December 10, 2009 A screen management system you can separate the logic for different screen into different classes and make your code much cleaner and easier to maintain. You can find the link to the tutorial on the XNA Tutorials page of my web site.

December 7, 2009
I have added a new tutorial on creating a role playing game with XNA to my web site! In this tutorial I added in a nice little touch to the game. What I added was when the player is creating a character an appropriate image appears on the character generator screen. I've also change the game so that instead of the same sprite appearing for all the character classes and genders there is a different sprite for all of the classes and gender combinations. You can find screen shots of what I have on the Screen Shots page and the links to the tutorials on the RPG Tutorials page.

December 4, 2009
I have just uploaded the 42nd tutorial on creating a role playing game with XNA to my web site. In this tutorial I added in a new screen to the game that combat will take place on. I also added in a couple sprites for monsters the player can bump into to start combat with them. The combat does not actually take place at the moment because the player charcter and monster classes are not ready to actually preform combat. You can find the links to the tutorial on the RPG Tutorials page and screen shots on the Screen shots page.

December 4, 2009
I have added a new page to the site. This page will be a blog of sorts about what is going on with my XNA tutorials as well as short general tutorials or snippets of code that I think will be helpful. I will be limiting the page to have only seven entries at a time. There will be archives of older posts and navigation to the archives on the blog page. I will also add a Google widget to search the site.

The URL of the page is: http://xna.jtmbooks.com/xnagpablog.html.

Good luck with your XNA game programming adventures.

Jamie McMahon

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